Research and Developments

I always love to explore new technology
Checkout some of my recent R&D.

  • Houdini Playblast Tool

    HoudiniPlayblastTool is a Develop for manage preview versions.

    watch demo
  • Houdini Arduino Python

    receive and transmit real lights data from houdini to arduino

    watch demo
  • Houdini Arduino with ultrasonic sensor

    HC-SR04 ultra sonic sensor to get the data from real world and pass in Houdini parameter through custom Python Qt GUI

    watch demo
  • MX Studio Developer Console

    a control panel for vfx studio vfxpipeline applicaitons.

    watch demo
  • VDB C++ Compiling

    In this Video we will understand the Open VDB tool and we will compile and build open VDB C++ Library

    watch demo
  • Blender ReCompiling with PyQt

    Build and Compile Blender from Source codes

    watch demo